You’re fine!! .. You don’t need makeup to look beautiful..

The media has shaped people’s minds so drastically that even a look in the mirror is horrifying.. It’s okay to wanna compete but how are you winning when all you do is beat yourself up??

Woman, you are amazingly shaped, flawless in your own flow..  Flourish, your imperfections make you perfect..


Too many women bring other women down, but, what are you without another woman’s strength, beauty and abilities..
Every black woman should encourage the next instead of throwing condescending comments and treacherous temperaments.

Have an appealing persona as much as an appealing image..


“I’m obligated to say no to the knots in my life” 

As much as complications delay one’s thoughts, they make new ideas a reality.. Thinking about not doing something because you fear the outcome will leave you with too many “IFS” ..

Take a chance and make your move.. Your obligations are determined by you after all..

Set your thoughts free, let them dwell with the universe..

Let it be

Regrets fight for retakes,do overs & more laps .They are battles to be fought for, battles to be beat for..Stepping aside just to be stepped on is a reminder of our many flaws,but not for long.. 

We are bigger than we think, told or defined..

 Misunderstandings are one of the many reasons we’re led into mistakes, choices we have to make to fulfill needs of the underminers…

Don’t allow critics to cripple you, rather to prepare you, build you and gain stability..

Let me

May I take your hand and show you a lot more than you’ve seen? May I be the reason you reselect your selections and have an open mind?

I’d like to challenge those who say “I know you” to me, those who believe that I have no authority to stand on my own two feet.

Let me blow your mind and be the elucidation of flawlessness..


Yes, run with us, roll with us like you’d roll one with your homies.. 

We are not as soft as we look but hard like the rocks crafted in crowns, our veins, running with royal blood because we are not your rivals but your revolution..

Be a man who understands a woman’s perspective.. Be a feminist..


The image that prevails you..

Why keep it all to yourself? To make them feel better..? Why let them dampen your believes? To make theirs seem more prominent? 

Fair enough.. But what about you? What about your untold stories and unshared values ? 

Make it a mission to be heard, not understood..


You are more than your looks, more than your short term goals and you’re more than the lies you’ve been told..

You can bring more to the table than the daily bars you lock yourself in..

“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery

Because no one else can do it but yourself..


Ladies, you might not know how to walk in heels, rock a dress or weave, but, you’re the definition of grace..

Think back..

If a woman can carry a human being for 9months , she sure can carry a nation with profound stability..Watch us build one,

Because we reign with prosperity.


Women, stand your ground, let them comprehend that you’re more than your ass, thighs, lips and beauty.. 

We are fine crafted beings with no crack to refill nor oppose..