Stay woke!!

The ignorance of people who march because “we have rights”.. The manifestation of one person changing the others motives.. How are we building solidarity with crumbs of the past??  

​Do free yourself from self made freedom of others and be your own .. Cross boarders according to your bravery not barriers set by others.. 


 Girl, who told you, you can’t be your own person? Your own hero and your own soldier? How many times are you going to deprive yourself from being independent because he tells you things like “i got this”/ “i can handle this”??? 

METAPHOR:    A man is just another craving bound to blow you up like a cake.. As long as you eat what you think is healthy there’s no way you’re gonna be healthy, mentally and physically.. So rather be your own savior in this world full of false information and alerts, in this generation full of objectives and wrong progressive experience..

Be the man you want and the woman you are.. Strong, Beautiful and adequately Independent!! 

Why do I write?? 

I write 1.) racial things based on women ..

2.)Emotional experience , expressions and so I mainly concentrate on empowering women . My whole thing is about feminism though some things may come relevant to guys..

3.) Relevance to society like what triggers certain habits, actions, because in all honesty we are run by what the outside world thinks of us more than our inner selves..

Target market Women / (mainly black women)👇
Example: Emotional things like us being shunned from expressing how we feel or celebrating our victories.. 

This is not a protest BUT a movement! !


A black girl’s hair is like a forest.. Enchanting and enlightening.. Grown from birth with intense care.. Caressed with amazing acids of attention.. 

It’s stiff because WE’RE strong, big because we’re BOLD.. ​

Hi black girl, yes you! Don’t allow these silly sayings get to you..They say “it’s too big” you say, You’re just scared of the blackness roaming freely in my natural, grown CROWN.. 


Black w​omen are warriors.. Soldiers ready to soldier on.. Carriers of life.. 

Why are men so ignorant, so blinded by this “it’s a man’s world” bs..?  Look at all the precious jewels around you… These black royals crafted for greatness, natural builders of elegance.. Allow US to imprint on you, make you lust for not just our bodies but brains.. 

We too are Alphas, wolves so hungry for prosperity and wonders for OUR own tribe..  Stop domesticating women and start defending our remarkable reign..


Black people being slaves to other black beings, Why? Black people work hard to succeed but we do not STRIVE to be the best.. In our world another black person owes another by being successful, driven or by accomplishing what the next dreams of. If “Ubuntu” did really mean something to US helping someone would not mean giving yourself away..Your work is your work, your hunger is yours alone to beat. Do not feel bad for doing better but rejoice in those moments. ​


Blacks are unstoppable, not angry, we are woke, full of wonder, ready to defend our nation with great whips being Brains.. We are a powerful force that moves from one place to another with no bullet nor whip to stop it.. Our village may be damaged but not broken.. Watch the new generation take over with Knowledge not Brutality.


I refuse to be changed by the people around me because I’m “inadequate” .. I’m incomplete because I’m intertwined with self discovery.. I’m incomplete because I’ve only started sharing my story..

I’m a breathing being with no remorse for those who resent my lust for liberation and loyalty..

I’m a black girl who wishes to mentally challenge the world, media and it’s filters.. It’s not a black and white world.. It’s a gray world!!! 

Black Power

Black Power is not being loud, rude or aggressive but being bold and attentive.. People must try understanding that not only are Black people in different cultures or colors but are more than the many definitions.. Blacks are either dipped in honey, bronze or glitter.. We reign in silence and win in worth.. Black Power is Magic..


Let her make her own moves.. Allow her to make something out of herself..

Be the King you dream of being with a Queen to hold you down. Your woman should be the CEO of your life, a car to success and a flight to happiness..

Build an Empire with her, be the envy of every man to lust for a  woman’s warmth..