Oppression for what!?

 Weaves, natural hair, straightened hair, Afros, dreadlocks..Hell black women represent dominance, we define diversity. Can you black men sit down and stand with your sisters? Can you not see how gorgeous we look with our never ending styles, groove and lit vibes? Can you not see how we change our hair because simplicity is far from being part of our nature because we’re extraordinary?? Well then shit! Stop saying black women don’t know who they are because we are different shades of beauty! GadDamnitSitDown!

I’m not sorry..

Not sorry for being a crafted human of beauty.. A generous spirit, a forgiving creature and a hopeful soul..  

I’m only sorry for making you shake at my presence, uneasy about my movement, brain and demands 👑..

Not sorry for being Royalty, a Queen who knows her worth and capability.. Not sorry for being a black woman nor being bold , after all I am here for greater purposes..


Growing up, being forced to act or be “mature” , I wish I could pause my life.. Breathe in and out for countless times.. 

Exams are already pressure themselves, University is already a formation of horror in my head.. I can’t help but panic but! Silver lining? Maybe… 

Wait… I’m thinking…



Sup, hello, hi, so I know everybody has been reading, liking and sharing🙋.. 85% of my writes are based on Women , it’s all great, sometimes blue and only because it’s been winter.. 

Soo I’m coming up with summer sweetness as soon as summer begins of course.. Or maybe I’ll start when spring comes.. 
Comment? Like? Share .. With your ideas 👣..