Open Letter.. (Girl read)

To you who’s been rejected, they never had you, let them go..To you who was told to “never do this again” , don’t stop till you’ve had enough ..

To you who fills the pillow with tears, they don’t deserve your soul.

To you who got left in the cold because of imperfections, you’re perfectly fine..

With flaws so unbearable ,they had to dismiss you, for intimidation is eliminated with anger but brought up by concern.. Remember that you are an imperfect reflection of greatness..


The amazing collaboration between the heart and the brain… I dare myself not to think and let life happen.. I dare myself to not feel but flee.. But how am I supposed to make decisions without thoughts and evaluation.. I’m told to not live by the rules and rule them.. But how am I supposed to be taken seriously in building fair character like a Queen without rules to rule and boundaries to bare?? 
My heart may want one thing but my mind tells me not to have it, not now, maybe later.. I choose to use them both because shutting one down is shutting a part of me.. 
Stop being so consumed in what people say about feelings and express them, so consumed in what other people say and allow your thoughts to roam without disturbance..

Self Love

We are led by this image of a man and a woman being happy together, that “being in love” is everything , having a soul mate..

We forget all that we invest in these relationships, all the time it consumes to actually produce pain, lose , disappointment and regret .. You end up losing yourself to a person who labels you as an object, a minor infection of distraction , but for what? For you to end up sinking and drowning alone?You can love yourself you know? You can be your whole world, you can be content with simply appreciating yourself.. 

Sexual intercourse

ALLOW ME TO BE BLUNT!!  🚬           You choose to stay a virgin because you’re not ready, you feel the need to wait for “the right person” / “the one” but is it really why you stay locked??  You may be this way because “The Bibles says….” Or they tell you to not rush.. But waiting doesn’t mean you’re “pure”/ “saint”..

You choose to have sex with every  boyfriend you have.. You’re not wrong, you’re not imperfect or “full of sin”,, but you forget the amount of bond and chains you form by barring your soul with another.. It may be a habit, but habits turn into drugs and drugs cause addiction..

It does not matter, Really!! Stop for a minute and concentrate on yourself not what the next does/says 😒😒.. 

REMEMBER:  Detrimental effects may occur whether you give it up or not.. 

Nobody is perfect.. 👋👋

Unapologetically You

“Ugly” “tooFat” “tooSkinny”

 You aren’t any of those (👆👆)..       You are a mountain of flavor and color ,, of prominent presence.. 

You’ve got the juice, not because you think you do but because you contain thickness of wild..      

Girl be Unapologetic about how you look or how you carry yourself, the world is just a place of discovery, find your home and stay at peace, be content with who you are because you’re one gorgeous beast !!


Believing you’re not enough is an unfair feeling, a prediction for disaster and a tragic death of happiness.. Being belittled and bombed in a box of “you are what I say you are” , , ,  Let no one be intact with your sorrows but rather swim in your tears as they are as salty as their lies..

You’re a sticking person of great appeal to love and to hope for..

You are more than you think, more than the lies you’ve been told and boiled in.. 

Be yourself, Love yourself