Suppress submission

A guys statement about you should not shake you (You’re beautiful), it should not give you a sense of appreciation ( You’re so different, I like it) .. In fact it should give you a reason to question why he says it.. Is it because he thinks you don’t know about all this? Is he trying to see the validity in your knowledge of your self awareness? Is he only trying to build your confidence? Does he care?

It’s too much, I KNOW , but sometimes over thinking is the best element to elaborate things. 

Have your own perspectives prevail in such events..

You don’t need a man’s approval for existence.. If you think you’re invisible then no visible proof shall surface about yourself.. But if you think you’re a queen , nobody’s presence or doings will make you question your destination..


The ability to allow yourself to roam freely, not thinking about the next or the ex but your very own destination.. 

Being as clear as crystal about your perspectives, your talents and your wants.. 


Being the only flower in your garden not thinking about the 100 shades of indifferences you have but how unique they make you.. 

Baby girl? Pierce through this world, make it your own if you will.. Never let them belittle your black self nor your golden heart…


Fighting to be better but with what crutch? When your own heart disobeys you and wonders for help.. You know you’re stronger than any situation thrown at you but your mental state tells you “you can’t do this alone”.. Needing a shoulder to cry on doesn’t necessarily mean opening the flood gates of your sorrows but merely baring your loud soul on a silent plater.. Don’t allow your heart break to cripple you, your disappointed heart destroy you, yet let it mend you, allow it to build the renewed and empowered you..