I’m not selfish! !

​I’m just self aware and self assured👑 .. I do not feel the NEED to get a boyfriend ( as sad and lonely, maybe pathetic as it may sound) .. of course I WANT one ..😍  

But how is that gonna help me grow if sexual interest is all we have for each other.. I want emotional , physical, mental stability from a Boyfriend .. I want a person who knows what they want because I sure as hell know what I’m looking for.. regardless of the life setbacks one might have .. The great feeling of having a partner in crime, lust and love is what I want… a Best friend,  a Brother and a certified psychologist (I tend to get crazy.. hence why I have a blog people 😁👀❗) … 
So come knowingly ..


  • Wanting to know someone means more than undressing them to see flesh, but undressing their souls.. 
  • It means more than barring yourself in them, but diving in a sea with them..
  • Wanting to know someone is to not know their moans but their moulded minds..
  • To crave their deepest fears, thoughts and wishes plus desires .. 

To feel more than a hand caress me is worth waiting for…