Misread 📖📑

Too many humans humming for attention and attempted affection ..

  • One is silent because she’s said too much and chooses to not be shoved on the shelve anymore, put there for rainy days and slow summers..
  • One too loud because silence has been her fortress till realistic scenarios appeared and a block said “Be Loud❗, Be Heard❗, Do not be afraid to be Heard..”

We are misread because we choose to let certain people see our real selves, which is actually smart👓. We choose to be closed books because reality is…, not everyone deserves to read all the chapters of your life (so far).. we don’t want everyone to see us naked but we want to be seen as unwrapped souls to the world..Now which one do you choose to be?  
Are you tired of screaming in silence or are you tired of literally screaming


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