Rock amongst Concrete

It’s a solid space to have and to hold sureness .. 
We’re entitled to get the most out of life but we seldom resist to the opportunities given.. Whiles you’re in a corner, full of insecurities , a bus full of haves, wants and desires pass you by like a second clock..

  • You’re stronger than you think and you need no being to fill you up .. 

Don’t compare yourself to a cup (that needs to be filled) but compare yourself to a rock hard Trophy (which is filled, full of gold, titanium and a tint of iron).. Be sure about your talents, yourself, be sure about your own security and how you’re gonna dwell in a space you created for yourself .. Be needy to yourself not the next being .. 

Concrete tents to crack, but a rock stays rocking hard for a long time ..


2 thoughts on “Rock amongst Concrete

  1. Damn Junjuu, I’m a huge fan of your work. Our paths might have not crossed yet,
    but I strongly believe that one day they will. I find it so beautiful to be able to connect with another being that one has never met before, a being that one has never been aware of their existence. See, I once posted on my Facebook timeline that I hated people, and that I love trees instead…
    but after having read this beautifully written piece, a part of me somehow does not want believe that statement. As complex as the human species may be, as annoying as it can be at times…somewhere somehow,we always find a way to reconnect…
    And this can only happen through LOVE.
    Thank you for reminding me that I too, am A ROCK AMONGST CONCRETE. From this day onward, I promise to never doubt myself, my talents nor my capabilities. I am book that’s not yet been published, awaiting for the world to read me.


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