Motivation 🎤

They say ;


But they do not mention how pain is part of grooming a person ..

Pain is a part of life and one has to endure it to know that they’re doing something right because no one great , no one successful nor legendary has ever said “the road was easy”. 

Believe me, if it was easy to get to A-Z , we’d all be swimming in dream land right now, sipping on some good life .. THINK ABOUT IT …💭💭

Your journey is yours to travel alone, no matter how hard it gets, no matter the competition , you do not give up on yourself ..

  • We go through the worst to get to the best. 
  • The toughest road leads to the greatest destination. 
  • So with every stone thrown take it as a token to your throne. 

Do not give up but persist on doing what you’re doing .. Keep on Keeping famo, your day is coming ..👊👊

Stop Looking 🔊🔊

We seek for light but we do not know how bright we want it .. think about it 🔇..⏳⏳⏳

How many times have you put yourself in a compromising situation and let yourself down? ? All because you want what’s best for the next .. Surely being selfish is bad but being oblivious to self worth is worse ..

How about you stop looking for what you claim you want and let it come to you … 
We usually run after things that are running away from us because they are NOT MEANT FOR US..  It might be a matter of time {why they are not meant for us or they may just not fit the type of person you are at that moment} ..

Think about the type of situations you put yourself in .. Think about the type of energy dwelling in your circle .. Think ..

FOOD_FOR_THOUGHT_:: based on what’s about to be written next ……..