Liberate Yourself 

You fight for breathtaking moments in hopes of survival ..

You take upon tainted men in hopes to tame them ..

You put yourself last in hopes to turn lust into love , when you know your position in someone’s life is limited ..

You crawl with them in hopes to walk with them,  but do they ever do these things for you?  

Are they your rock as much as you are theirs?  

Stop leaning on walls that have no building blocks to begin with..

  • Lean on those who lead you to greater lands.
  • Leave those who shun your abilities.
  • Stick with those who stuck with you through the strikes life threw.

You’re more than moments.

You’re a memory with having ..

Be The Center of Your Life

No quick fix helps but acceptance of possessions from the past does the trick ..             ( opening the locked closet)
Reminisce cautiously , evaluate with effective matter.. Stand in the middle of your trials and take them on.

Just as you are..

Remotely losing yourself is a level you should never reach,  surface above or temper with .. 
Once the wondering season has passed, you will know it, you’ll feel it, that great sense of release and relief.. Being Fazed at first is normal, with so many thoughts going through your mind you end up feeling bombarded.. But do not give up nor lose yourself to senseless opinions, people who serve no growth or purpose to your life .. 
Once you know that:

  • You matter
  • You’re great
  • You deserve the best

Contentment shall be reached ..