a BOOK judged by its COVER…

They say you’re a beauty with an inside hell, not knowing the hell bed you’ve made for yourself, sneaked out of and crept back into. 

💭The bad habits that drew you back from a hurt surrounding your heart with heavy mettle. 

💭The devastating dismissal of others which disrupts your peace. 

💭The haunting halls of your past which  pesters with your future.

⛅You shall rise from the ashes of accusations. 

⛅You WILL be better than yesterday! 

⏩⏩ You shall reign like the royal stones you bare. 


Gender Collaborations “opposites 

Their souls not shallow but surfaces enough for one to swallow. Enough for one to dive into, just enough to not let you drown. Their sorrows never visible but valid,  maybe tainted but never tamed.


The trembles of a warm broken heart is hers, the pounding of it pending to part from the holder of it’s riping , soloing on a pillow as a wet tissue, full and covered by the ocean that flows out of her.


The trembles of a cold broken heart is his, the pounding of it pending towards the holder of it’s repairing, dueling on a door of splinters, full and covered by thorns that flows out of him.  

With both genders, critical observation is applicable! With both genders, there is a huge contrast but the similarities ONLY makes us human.
WITH BOTH GENDERS , THERE IS FEAR, demons to be FOUGHT and battles to be WON.  

Divine Soul 

🔅Her heart so kind it pumps flourished flowers. She overflows with Autumn leaves, so golden and crisp you can hear the crunch as she moves.

🔅With radiance over her good head, like the sun rays racing to surround her with grace.

So pretty, never petty but plentiful. 
She’s full of warmth.

Her smile, the epitome of happy.

She is at peace, standing still like a mountain peak . No one to move nor shake her.  
She’s in silence, no unwanted noise but good vibes vibrating in her soul.
She has found it,

She is content, 

She !  is Woman, watch out for her. 

Inner Peace 

She wished she could be as bitter as the brittle love you showed her.

The surroundings of sirens you called on her for being emotionally available but too available to not know the valid voices of her own being.

The forest that is her mind, swinging from swing to swing, full of sin as sinister as your eyes.

BUT!  She, woke from the wander and found that sometimes the rarest treasure of all, is the one right in front of your eyes . So she looked in the mirror and realized that anger is not just a block of sadness but a passage to grow as grains do to find light. .
And so,  she is sorry for drunk texting you but her emotions confuse her when sober.

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A Season of self love and being woman is back!!!

Bad intentions (To you who tends to rely on others)

They waltz in your life to break walls worked on for years to only leave you with acidic rain pouring down your face…                                                            ⤵⤵⤵  

With cheeks wet enough to be soaked by a sponge, you go through the selections you submitted which put you in that position, a place full of puppets placed to make you quiver…

Laying down on a chest full of others despair only to throb more because of the cold shivers passed down your spine.

Keep it all to yourself as you are an equipped being for such , lean on yourself more than you do on others and see how being alone gives you more power to persist…
Stop looking for comfort in the arms that discomfited you.

Liberate Yourself 

You fight for breathtaking moments in hopes of survival ..

You take upon tainted men in hopes to tame them ..

You put yourself last in hopes to turn lust into love , when you know your position in someone’s life is limited ..

You crawl with them in hopes to walk with them,  but do they ever do these things for you?  

Are they your rock as much as you are theirs?  

Stop leaning on walls that have no building blocks to begin with..

  • Lean on those who lead you to greater lands.
  • Leave those who shun your abilities.
  • Stick with those who stuck with you through the strikes life threw.

You’re more than moments.

You’re a memory with having ..

Be The Center of Your Life

No quick fix helps but acceptance of possessions from the past does the trick ..             ( opening the locked closet)
Reminisce cautiously , evaluate with effective matter.. Stand in the middle of your trials and take them on.

Just as you are..

Remotely losing yourself is a level you should never reach,  surface above or temper with .. 
Once the wondering season has passed, you will know it, you’ll feel it, that great sense of release and relief.. Being Fazed at first is normal, with so many thoughts going through your mind you end up feeling bombarded.. But do not give up nor lose yourself to senseless opinions, people who serve no growth or purpose to your life .. 
Once you know that:

  • You matter
  • You’re great
  • You deserve the best

Contentment shall be reached ..

Motivation 🎤

They say ;


But they do not mention how pain is part of grooming a person ..

Pain is a part of life and one has to endure it to know that they’re doing something right because no one great , no one successful nor legendary has ever said “the road was easy”. 

Believe me, if it was easy to get to A-Z , we’d all be swimming in dream land right now, sipping on some good life .. THINK ABOUT IT …💭💭

Your journey is yours to travel alone, no matter how hard it gets, no matter the competition , you do not give up on yourself ..

  • We go through the worst to get to the best. 
  • The toughest road leads to the greatest destination. 
  • So with every stone thrown take it as a token to your throne. 

Do not give up but persist on doing what you’re doing .. Keep on Keeping famo, your day is coming ..👊👊