Stop Looking 🔊🔊

We seek for light but we do not know how bright we want it .. think about it 🔇..⏳⏳⏳

How many times have you put yourself in a compromising situation and let yourself down? ? All because you want what’s best for the next .. Surely being selfish is bad but being oblivious to self worth is worse ..

How about you stop looking for what you claim you want and let it come to you … 
We usually run after things that are running away from us because they are NOT MEANT FOR US..  It might be a matter of time {why they are not meant for us or they may just not fit the type of person you are at that moment} ..

Think about the type of situations you put yourself in .. Think about the type of energy dwelling in your circle .. Think ..

FOOD_FOR_THOUGHT_:: based on what’s about to be written next ……..

Rock amongst Concrete

It’s a solid space to have and to hold sureness .. 
We’re entitled to get the most out of life but we seldom resist to the opportunities given.. Whiles you’re in a corner, full of insecurities , a bus full of haves, wants and desires pass you by like a second clock..

  • You’re stronger than you think and you need no being to fill you up .. 

Don’t compare yourself to a cup (that needs to be filled) but compare yourself to a rock hard Trophy (which is filled, full of gold, titanium and a tint of iron).. Be sure about your talents, yourself, be sure about your own security and how you’re gonna dwell in a space you created for yourself .. Be needy to yourself not the next being .. 

Concrete tents to crack, but a rock stays rocking hard for a long time ..

Promises are Prominent 

​We say “I promise” a lot, without realizing the amount of weight it holds.. ⚓

Pinky promises are made, heart beats are intertwined and notes are written, saved and secured..   Sometimes feelings are invested in promises because redemption is regained..
It feels like a heart beat gone when somebody drops the ball doesnt it
Well, forget them ..Sometimes you need to pull yourself out of the darkness and dwell in peace , promise yourself some light and growth..
Actions might speak louder than words,,,but words prevail ..

Misread 📖📑

Too many humans humming for attention and attempted affection ..

  • One is silent because she’s said too much and chooses to not be shoved on the shelve anymore, put there for rainy days and slow summers..
  • One too loud because silence has been her fortress till realistic scenarios appeared and a block said “Be Loud❗, Be Heard❗, Do not be afraid to be Heard..”

We are misread because we choose to let certain people see our real selves, which is actually smart👓. We choose to be closed books because reality is…, not everyone deserves to read all the chapters of your life (so far).. we don’t want everyone to see us naked but we want to be seen as unwrapped souls to the world..Now which one do you choose to be?  
Are you tired of screaming in silence or are you tired of literally screaming


  • Wanting to know someone means more than undressing them to see flesh, but undressing their souls.. 
  • It means more than barring yourself in them, but diving in a sea with them..
  • Wanting to know someone is to not know their moans but their moulded minds..
  • To crave their deepest fears, thoughts and wishes plus desires .. 

To feel more than a hand caress me is worth waiting for…


​Pressing onto myself too many times a day, asking and wondering if i’m enough for a certain someone or something life has to give.. Pressure based on pestering pasts and gripping grims of baggage.. 😫
Well, I guess one can’t have it all.. you can’t have secured feelings if you’re not insured.. you can’t move on from the past and look forward for the present if ashes follow with every move..


Conditions of disappointments

An uninterrupted emotion of empty promises and lies gathered in grounds of old corps..

Having no breathe because of too many things lost, giving too much as a result of a virus of self hate..
Separate yourself from spread lies you wrap yourself in..
Demand alone time and dwel amongst things  that are beneficial..

Set your thoughts free (Black Bird)


We seldom give ourselves praises , set great expectations for ourselves but trust in unreliable availability from people whom we are uncertain of.. Just because it’s happening now doesn’t give you the legitimate reason to settle for it..

Self recognition should be your ultimate goal ‼‼ 
Trust yourself enough to not relay on another’s flight to take you places (“He makes me feel good” / “without him I have nothing” / “He’s my world”) but your own.. Stay in your lane and see how rapturous independence is, how wonderful it is to know your own wonder .. 

Suppress submission

A guys statement about you should not shake you (You’re beautiful), it should not give you a sense of appreciation ( You’re so different, I like it) .. In fact it should give you a reason to question why he says it.. Is it because he thinks you don’t know about all this? Is he trying to see the validity in your knowledge of your self awareness? Is he only trying to build your confidence? Does he care?

It’s too much, I KNOW , but sometimes over thinking is the best element to elaborate things. 

Have your own perspectives prevail in such events..

You don’t need a man’s approval for existence.. If you think you’re invisible then no visible proof shall surface about yourself.. But if you think you’re a queen , nobody’s presence or doings will make you question your destination..


The ability to allow yourself to roam freely, not thinking about the next or the ex but your very own destination.. 

Being as clear as crystal about your perspectives, your talents and your wants.. 


Being the only flower in your garden not thinking about the 100 shades of indifferences you have but how unique they make you.. 

Baby girl? Pierce through this world, make it your own if you will.. Never let them belittle your black self nor your golden heart…